Life at Interactive Resorts

Few office workers spend their working life chatting about one of the things they love the most. Few get to spend their days surrounded by like-minded friends, banter abounding, helping their clients into the holidays they want. But we do, and we do it well! As a proud member of the sales team here at Interactive Resorts over this past year, I’ve seen it all. “Heroes and Villains” at the Christmas party last year saw everybody in fine form, and rarely if ever have so many cross-dressed Wonder women been in the same room at the same time...most of them Company Directors too!

Espace Killy: 3 days and counting!

Here we are, another year has passed and another ski season is about to kick off. Forget all those excited blogs and tweets in October about new snow in Europe and a few resorts in the States opening early, we're now getting ready for the real snow. The first guests for UK tour operators will be arriving in Tignes and Val d'Isere on Saturday, that's the 28th November, which is the official opening date for the Espace Killy.

Road Trip, anyone?

So, we’ve established that travelling to resort by train is fun and surprisingly efficient. If you really must, then fly, But what about the third way, the Road Trip? Surprisingly, for someone who had done 4 seasons and been on family ski holidays since the age of 5, I’d never driven to France until March of this year when we drove from Dover to Morzine. Not strictly a holiday, as work were sending us to familiarise ourselves with chalets, but a Road Trip nonetheless. <--break- />

New chairlift in La Plagne

Plagne 1800 has a new chairlift out of the village: the new Melezes chairlift which runs from the ESF meeting point to Plagne Centre. This then connects to another new chairlift - the Bergerie, arriving at 2184m just above Plagne Villages, which gives access to Plagne Centre and Plagne Bellecote, making Plagne 1800 a much more convenient option for beginners.

South West London - The centre of the UK ski industry

For those in the know, South-West London has always been the heart of the UK ski industry. Obviously none of the big resorts are located here; in fact you’d be hard pushed to spot a single snowflake over winter. However a large majority of UK ski tour operators, ski specialist agents (of which Interactive Resorts are the largest) and organisations such as Natives and the Ski Club of Great Britain are based within a few miles of one another. For those in the know, South West London has always been the heart of the UK ski industry.

Snow is falling - Bring on the new season!

The first snows of the new season have begun to fall across the northern hemisphere and one resort in North America has already opened for the winter season. Loveland, Colorado became the first non-glacier resort to open this morning.The first snows of the new season have begun to fall across the Northern hemisphere and one resort in North America has already opened for the winter season. <--break- />

Weekending by Rail

So as we’ve already established, I’m a convert to the train. Having always hated flying, my first attempt to get out to the Alps by rail went so well that I vowed never again to fly where the train was possible. Imagine my thought process when I got invited out for a few days in Verbier at the beginning of last season. Never one to pass up the kind offer of staying in a 4 star chalet without paying, I gladly accepted and then set about working out how to get to resort.

3 Peaks Challenge for Cancer Research

 While the rest of Interactive Resorts were celebrating the company's 5th birthday with a boat trip down the River Thames I set off on my epic journey. The challenge was to complete the 3 Peaks in 24 hours and raise money for Cancer research in the process.<--break- />

3 Peaks - Ben Nevis, Sca Fell and Snowdon

Train to Courchevel for me

Following on from Alex’s interesting blog about the relative merits of train versus plane, I though I’d add my own (heavily biased) view. A couple of seasons ago I booked a last minute deal in Courchevel 1550 at the hotel Chanrossa. It was accommodation only so we had to make our own way out. As a nervous flyer at the best of times I had always been keen to try skiing by train and having to book our own transport presented the perfect opportunity.

Train or Plane?

‘We’re sorry to announce that the 13:25 flight to London Gatwick is delayed”…. The all too familiar voiceover that greeted us on arrival at Chambery airport last March - our return leg home delayed by reasons best known to Monarch and Monarch alone. Not being the biggest fan of Chambery airport at the best of times, this little piece of news did nothing to abate my raging hangover from a heavy last night out in Dicks Tea Bar. Nethertheless, our travel weary party did our best to while away the next 9 (yes nine!) hours.

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