Happy Easter Holidays in Alpe d’Huez.

This year we returned to skiing after a break of 11 years! Having a family had meant that skiing holidays were put on the back boiler for a while, but now our girls are 11 and 9 we decided it was the perfect time to introduce them to the slopes.

Top Dry Slopes and Snow Centres for Summer Skiing in the UK

Sadly, the 2014/2015 ski season is coming to an end. In a season that saw smart snowboard bindings and virtual reality goggles, it was a forward-thinking winter that nonetheless began with very little snow.

Luxury Living in Le Fornet, Val d'Isère

-By Liza
As a family we try to going skiing once a year for a week, and have been doing so for the past 25 years. For the last 10 or so it has always been to Val d’Isere, but this was our first time booking with Interactive Resorts. 
My brother, sister and I are now in our late 20s and in many ways not much has changed in the years we have been holidaying together.

The 'Arctic Man' race. Self preservationists need not apply.

Exploring the weird and wonderful world of niche American ski races, one thing becomes completely clear of our well meaning, star spangled, quirky relatives over the pond – Adding engines to stuff with WILD ABANDON, even ski races, makes everything better; I give you ‘Arctic Man’.
It all started as a bet between 2 groups of skiers and snowmobilers in a quiet Fairbanks bar 30 years ago.

One of the Best Family Holidays We've Had!

To put it simply, this was one of the best holidays my wife and I have ever been on, and certainly the best family holiday we have had with our two sons.
The c

Top 5 Weird (or Wonderful) World Records on Snow

The plans of British speed skier Jan Farrell to attempt seven ski-related world records this year got us thinking: What are the weirdest world records ever to be achieved on the snow? If you’ve been wondering the exact same thing (granted, it’s a pretty niche conjecture), wonder no more you snow-loving weirdos...


Take me back to Meribel!

-By Louise
Take me back to Meribel, please?
I have a confession.

Good Times in Val d’Isere

We used Interactive Resorts to organise our ski trip last year and were impressed with the efficiency, helpfulness, online tools and above all the personal attention on offer.  So it came to pass that I used them again to organise this year’s trip, and spoke to Jim Lockett who upheld the values previously experienced!

Roller Skiing is no Disco.

Pre and post season fitness is always a concern for avid proponents of cross country and Nordic skiing; anyone whose definition of ‘physical activity’ encapsulates more than pottering to and from boozy lunches, and table top dancing at the après bar.
Originating around the 1950s when cross country skiing began to evolve into a competitive sport, the need for summer training became a concern until the concept of the roller ski was born.
It became an established competitive sport in its own right during the 1970s, and to

The Copelands go big in Val Thorens

Up at 3.00am on a Sunday morning for a 5.00am rendezvous with the whole group of ten people at Gatwick South terminal. A five man stag do of the previous year but this time tempered and enhanced by WAGS and girl chums. Why are we up so early?

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