Protecting your peepers on the mountain is big business in the ski and snowboard industry. For those with the money to burn, the market has moved on a long way since the early days and modern ski goggles at the top of the market today offer so much more than face protection. Vision through the goggles is sharper now than ever before with anti-fog technology, lenses adapted to everything from glaring sun to snowy whiteout and, as you’ll see below, advanced GPS technology capable of mapping your location on the mountain and monitoring your speed. 


Smith Vaporator I/O Recon

Few ski masks on the market today embrace modern technologies to the extent of the Smith Vaporator I/O Recon. This unisex ski and snowboard mask boasts wide-screen LCD inside the lens displaying handy information such as altitude, location, air temperature and speed – nothing new there, you might say... 
It can also display points of interest across your resort, track your airtime on jumps and report back to you, tell you where your friends are in relation to your spot on the mountain and (phew!) control your music via a Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone. A tech-geek’s dream goggle, the Smith Vaporator I/O Recon is impressively easy to use and even launches with its own tutorial to show you how to use it. 

Image courtesy of www.smithoptics.com

Scott LCG goggle 

For something altogether less techy, Scott have come up with the LCG goggle – a stylish pair of goggles designed with simplicity in mind. Switching lenses to adapt to prevailing conditions takes seconds and the thin but sturdy outer edge of the goggle means it won’t complete for space on your face when worn with a helmet. The anti-fog lens treatment prevents loss of vision and the LCG goggle’s mid-market placement ensures you can ski in style and enjoy crystal-clear optics without breaking the bank. 

Image courtesy of www.scott-sports.com

Oakley Airbrake goggle 

Oakley have worked hard over the years to maintain their spot near the top of the eyewear tree, and their range of ski goggles is testament to that. Our selection for the forthcoming season - the Airbrake - is a high-spec goggle with switchable lens ideal for the changing conditions you find on the mountain. Each goggle comes with 2 lenses for a range of different conditions, and the switchlock technology makes changing them quick and easy. The lenses filter out 100% of the damaging UV rays and the anti-fog technology ensures clear vision at all times. 


Image courtesy of http://uk.oakley.com/



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