On ski slopes around the world, high-tech components, new materials and innovative design are forcing back the boundaries of the possible winter after winter. The latest technologies are a far cry from snow-sport’s humble beginnings, and these days a flurry of new equipment arrives each season to tempt us into the latest trends and technologies.
Skis are lighter and faster than ever before. Bindings are stronger, boots blend increased comfort with the latest components, and ever-changing outerwear fashions dictate the colours and styles of our jackets and salopettes on the snow without forfeiting warmth or breathability. On-mountain technologies track your speed across the terrain and help you track your friends in ways never before possible. These developments, and others besides, are changing the way we enjoy our sport. 

Who are we?

A London-based catered ski chalet specialist, Interactive Resorts began trading in 2004. Over the years we’ve built up a property portfolio stretching from the peaks and valleys of Europe to North America and Canada, and a dedicated team of passionate skiers and snowboarders with a wealth of in-resort experience. Our Sales staff live and breathe their sport, and have all spent at least one winter ski season in the mountains. We’re always happy to pass on the benefit of our chalet, hotel and resort knowledge to our broad customer base. 
We’ve been keeping a close eye on the latest ski and board gear for years now and, as technologies, fashions and riders’ needs evolve, we’re always keen to see what’s coming next. 
With that in mind, we’ve taken a look across the winter 2014/2015 season’s new kit, including freeride-specific and all-mountain skis, ski boots, freestyle and freeride snowboards and snowboard boots, plus board bindings, goggles, gloves and on-mountain technologies, to showcase our picks of the latest ski and snowboarding gear on the market today. Read on to see what new gear has caught our eye for the forthcoming winter 2014/2015 ski season! 

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