17 days to go before Interactive Resorts ambulance sets off.

17 days to go before the Interactive Resorts sponsored Land Rover ambulance sets off for Mongolia! Ross Dolton (Interactive Resorts) and Matt Greene (Chef) are the Mongol Response team who have converted a 4x4 into an ambulance and are driving it 10,000 miles to donate it to a local community in Mongolia. ross-matt-ambulanceThe six-week drive will take them across Europe, the Middle East and Asia in their quest to reach the Mongolian capital, Ulaan Baatar.  As well as donating the ambulance and medical supplies they are simultaneously raising money for Save the Children. Ross said, “We have known each other for years and after a season running a ski chalet together, we thought we knew each other well enough to embark on a slightly more challenging adventure. So with very little pre-planning we signed up for the Charity Rallies drive to Mongolia. We then thought if you’re going to drive something all the way to Mongolia to give to somebody, you might as well make it something useful - or even better than useful - something that saves lives. That’s why we decided on an ambulance and a 4x4 because 90% of the roads aren’t actually roads.” Matt said: “After a certain point sat-navs stop working too. We've been warned not to ask directions by pointing, as in some countries the people will smile and point in the same direction.” There is still work to do and the Land Rover is going under some final preparations before it is loaded up with all the medical supplies and equipment that has been very kindly donated. They are launching from London on 11th July, so there is still time to show support, please check out the website: www.mongolresponse.co.uk for more information. You can also follow their Twitter for all the latest updates and progress on the journey.

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