Another Fantastic Ski Holiday


Good afternoon Interactive Resorts!!!
First off I would just like to thank you all at Interactive and Neilson for a fantastic holiday as usual. Les Deux Alpes was our 6th annual holiday with Interactive Resorts, and it was amazing as always! We have also been away more than once a year, on special occasions. Our groups usually range from 10-18 people and there has never once been a problem, Interactive Resorts and the operators always go out of their way to help. The group age ranges between early 20's and mid 30's so it can usually be quite an intense week but Interactive Resorts and their operators take it in their stride.
Les Deux Alpes this year is one of our favourite trips, due to the diversity of the resort and the quality of the slopes. We had a mixture of abilities, from complete beginners to experts, so the resort provided everything we needed. The only bad thing about the full week was the lack of snowfall during our stay but it didn't dampen our spirits.
The chalet staff were absolutely brilliant throughout, and did everything in their power to ensure we had a wonderful stay. Freshly baked cakes waiting for us after the slopes, and perfectly cooked evening meals were just what we needed. Some of our group fancied sampling the local restaurants more than the one night we had allocated, and that was no problem either, so long as you notify in advance.
We also had a birthday whilst we were away. The chalet staff were more than happy to bake a birthday cake for the birthday girl and also hung up some happy birthday banners... a good example of 'going the extra mile'.
A group shot of the gang in beautiful Les Deux Alpes

A group shot of the gang in beautiful Les Deux Alpes
I think everyone in our group really enjoyed the liveliness of the resort at night time but it was also amazing for other activities such as ice skating and bowling... also swimming indoor and outdoor which we didn't get a chance to have a go at.
The slopes were normally absolutely perfect, if there were any problems it was due to inclement weather (high winds mostly) which made skiing slightly more difficult, but nothing to cause concern. My favourite runs would have to be those around the Toura lift, especially the snow park and the open slalom - which was great fun between friends, racing each other and also doing some kickers in the park.
The beginners loved the fact they could get right to the top of the glacier without too much difficulty, as this can be accessed from the bottom via the bubble car and the funicular railway. We had lunch at the highest restaurant in the resort for one of our friend’s birthdays.
All in all, a 10/10 holiday for everyone involved... hats off, Interactive Resorts!

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