Fresh Snow Across the Alps

It's been a while. According to an old pal who still lives in Chamonix and posted on facebook this morning, it's been 36 days. Some resorts might even claim a longer drought, but what we do know is that the worst is over and that there is fresh snowfall in most major resorts right now. The whole ski industry has been nervously checking weather forecasts, looking to the sky and I've seen a few videos of snow dances being performed in various resorts since the New Year.

Happily, I'm glad to be able to say the Guardian's article yesterday, predicting the possible end to the entire season in mid-February is nothing short of a scaremongering fabrication. Even if it didn't snow again between now and Easter, all major resorts have excellent infrastructures in place to ensure that the vast majority of their pistes remain open all season long thanks to their numerous snow cannons and creative use of piste bashers. <--break- /> Of course, having to rely on cannons to keep runs pisted for half of an entire season isn't ideal and if you've gone out to somewhere like Chamonix looking for a week of awesome off piste then you are inevitably going to be disappointed if no fresh snow falls for 4 weeks. 

However, the majority of our clients and contacts in resort have reported that in spite of the lack of new snow, nearly 90% of pistes have remained open and perfectly ski able. You can't deny though, that a foot of fresh snow is exactly what you would like to read about in the days leading up to your week in the mountains. Most of the Tarentaise (The Three Valleys, La Plagne, Les Arcs, La Rosiere, Tignes and Val d'Isere) has seen between 20 and 30 centimetres falling this week, and further south there have been even heavier falls with more predicted for the southern French Alps, Italy and Southern Switzerland this weekend.

Zermatt is expected to benefit from fresh snowfall which makes me think I might have found the deal of the season. As this post goes to press, we have one room left sleeping two in chalet Aeschhorn A, leaving on Saturday 19th February from Edinburgh, Glasgow or Belfast at just £499 per person. Considering that we're talking about the most in demand date of the entire season, a top resort and a good quality chalet right in the middle of the village, this rates as one of the best deals I've come across.

If you can only go away this week (teacher perhaps?) and can get to Scotland or Northern Ireland for Saturday, then this could be for you. I'd even consider getting the train up from London! Even if there isn't any new snow where you're going then please don't despair and please, whatever you do, don't believe what you read from lazy, ill-informed journalists lacking in specialist industry knowledge. If you'd like more information on the deal featured above then you'll have to be quick, it's the only room left! If you'd like more information about any of the resorts mentioned or to chat about anything ski-related, please drop us a line or give us a ring at our London sales office.

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