How to Get Ski-Fit for Winter 2016/17

If you've booked your next trip to the Alps but you're yet to do any ski-fit exercise since returning from the slopes last April, now’s the time to jump to action. Ease up off that couch, grab yourself a little self-motivation and prepare those ski legs for the Alps!

Here’s a little timely insight into the ways you can prepare your body to make the most of your mountain-time. There’s some pretty cringey fitness vids out there, but we’ve waded through them to find a couple really worth a look. Follow these helpful exercises, and there’ll be no wheezing onto the chairlift, spluttering along the flats or passing out through exhaustion in the park.

6 Exercises to get you fit for the slopes

This handy vid does exactly what it says on the tin — with no awkward commentary or half-baked production efforts (ok, maybe a few…) Practise those squats, steps, braces and lifts, and you’ll be well on your way to full ski season fitness in no time.

Ski fitness tips from an actual expert

Step forward Olympic Skier, BBC personality and general UK ski guru Mr. Graham Bell. In this informative vid, Graham runs us through a few tips and techniques he uses to break out of that summer slump and prepare his bod for another winter onslaught. Production values are brought to the fore in a way only a good ski fitness vid can — with fake snow. But the message is clear; prepare yourself properly for the slopes and you’ll help avoid injury. Simple.

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