Get Ski Fit for your Next Alpine Adventure


Whether you’re heading out to the mountains for the first time or you’re an experienced skier with many winters under your belt, making sure that you’re fully fit for the slopes will not only improve your performance and enjoyment, but also reduce the chances of injuries and falls. 

Skiing and snowboarding are both great forms of cardio exercise, and a wonderfully fun way to tone and strengthen your leg, core and arm muscles. On top of this, exercise releases adrenaline and endorphins that lift your mood and make your feel more alert, awake and happy. So it’s win, win!

The main aim is for you to enjoy your ski holiday to the full, so we’ve put together some details of how you can get ski fit fast. Make the very most of your time in the mountains – and avoid worrying about tired legs or unnecessary injury.

There are three forms of exercise to help you best prepare for your time on the slopes - aerobic, strength and flexibility.

    Get ready for the slopes with a little extra ski fitness            

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Aerobic fitness

Aerobic fitness will improve your stamina on the slopes. The best way to improve your aerobic fitness is to train for a long period at a manageable pace. Exercises including swimming, cycling, running, skipping and rowing are all great ways to train.

Strength training

Once you’ve boosted and built up your aerobic fitness, you can focus on your strength. This will allow your muscle groups to work harder for longer, so you can enjoy the slopes fully until après ski time.

When strength training for your ski holiday, it’s best to focus on muscles that you’ll use when skiing and boarding, these are mainly core and legs. With that in mind, exercises to help build up your strength for the slopes include squats, lunges and box jumps, as well as single-leg exercises that will help with your balance, such as dips.


Improving your flexibility ahead of your ski holiday will enable you to move with a broader range of motions when you’re in the mountains. Extra flexibility translates to deeper turns and lower chances of injury on the snow.

Both yoga and Pilates offer an amazing range of exercises to practice before you hit the mountains, to help you become more flexible for your trip.

Better ski fitness will help you make the most of the snowy slopes

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Don’t forget to stretch off after your day on the slopes, to help ensure your muscles don’t tighten up and pull. Also, it’s important to make sure you drink plenty of water during your day, as this will help your muscles deal with the intensity of exercise that skiing and snowboarding demand.

When getting fit for your ski holiday, it’s important to build on your exercises slowly and steadily, without going too hard too soon. That way, you’ll be fit and ready to tackle the slopes when the time comes!

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