Get your Feet Ski-Ready for Winter


If you're getting ready for your trip to the mountains this winter, and thinking about buying your own ski boots, then you'll need to be sure that you purchase boots that fit you perfectly - and are best designed for your ability.

We spoke to Sierra at Surefoot, a retailer specialising in high-end, comfort-focused ski boots with custom liners and insoles. Sierra talked us through the process at Surefoot to ensure you pick the best possible boot for your foot. Read on to find out what she says...

A skier tackling the slopes in well-fitting boots

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“Our proprietary fitting process fits you into the best performing, best fitting and most comfortable ski boots on the market. This process allows us to achieve a correct customized fit, which affects your entire body by isolating and aligning your ankle, and thus supporting your posture in a neutral position which dramatically improves your skiing."

To give you a short summary of how this fitting process works...

We start by taking a 3D scan of your foot, which measures your foot in 538 places and produces a three-dimensional topographical map of the bottom of your foot. 

The data from this map is sent electronically to an insole fabrication machine, which produces your custom insoles. 

After scanning your feet, you can then decide which boot is right for you by speaking with a Surefoot technician about your skiing ability - how many days you ski per year, what type of terrain you like to ski etc. With this information, we create a custom liner. 

You will then be asked to step into your new boots, with your custom insole and unfilled liner. Our Surefoot technician will manually inject a gel-like memory foam into the shell lining, which forms around the shape of your foot, ankle and calf giving you a true custom fit.

In just about an hour, you will have your Surefoot Custom Ski Boots, ready to ski! 

All of our liners come equipped for heater installation in case your feet get cold. This adds no additional time to the fitting process because the heating element is already inside the liner, should you choose to purchase the batteries. These heaters are by far the warmest in heater technology, and they are adjusted using an app on your smartphone or watch.

Bounce into the deep powder in comfort with snug ski boots

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Surefoot have stores in London as well as France, Switzerland, Norway and the USA so make sure to check them out if you can.

For more information on the ski resorts where you can put your new ski boots to the test, we're here to help on 0203 0800 200 or through our online chat service


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