The Great Interactive Resorts Pizza Hustle

At Interactive Resorts, we're not just focused on last minute ski holidays and catered ski chalets. We also love pizza, especially down in our IT department (AKA the dungeon). Recently myself and Phil were given the job of dealing with/haggling with/hustling some recruitment companies to get some candidates. Everyone likes a good hustle- especially a London recruitment company. <--break- />

How to get hustled by a recruitment agency

Step 1 - "Pizza Hut - for two". Make contact, and get the recruiters terms and of course... haggle! . So the first recruitment company we spoke to, stated that they wanted a whopping 30% of the wage of the lucky candidate, if they get us the right person. We're looking for two people initially. That's a lot of mozzarella! We got them down to 17.5%, with promises of a fat Pizza hut for myself and Phil for making the deal. Goodwill. Good deal. Step 2 - "I'll get you the biggest rib-eye you have ever seen mate".

This is a quote from another recruiter once we told him about our existing deal with recruiter #1. Another player enters the game! We got him down to 10% - unheard of apparently. Now we are confident recruiter hagglers. Guy even offered me the £300 referral fee.. That would buy a lot of pizza indeed. Step 3 - Waiting. Interviewing. emailing recruiters, looking at CV's... more interviewing. Throwing CVs in the bin. One poor blighter couldn't even speak English. Gave him the job obviously. Step 4 - We found two awesomely talented programmers and it looked like we were going to give them a job sharpish. WHOAH! I realised (to my horror) that we hadn't carved out a food deal with the recruiter who had gotten us these candidates. Cue the dear Daniel letter to the lucky recruiter...

Dear Daniel I am very distressed. It’s lunchtime - and I’m hungry. Sadly The same thing will no doubt happen tomorrow. I had a temporary solution in place where I managed to broker some fab deals with one recruiter for a fat Dominos meal for Phil and I should they get us candidates which we hire (and recruiters reap a fat commission). That was my first haggle. The next recruiter haggle was easier (with this recruiter offering us the “biggest rib-eye” we had ever seen.). I was a bit negligent in carving out such an arrangement with you - so I put the question to you - Does your company believe in a free lunch? My dad reckoned there was no such thing as a free lunch. I would like to prove him wrong! Let us know – before it’s too late! regards Hungry Niall

So we waited, and waited. and sure enough the Ski / Pizza gods were smiling upon us. 

The Pizza Hustle - 2x 15" pizzas, 2X choc cake, 3x Dips, 1x Chicken Wings, 1x Cheesy garlic sticks. This is what you get when you get "mugged" by recruiter fees! The food arrived, it was large, yummy and pretty delish'. Needless to say, us basement dwellers shared our pizza with the rest of the staff, and our poor (after effectively paying £15k+ for our pizza) company directors..

I feel a bit bloated after that

The pizza was so large that it had this effect on me within 10 minutes.. Our company director Liked it too.:)

Recruiters have hustle!

It seems recruiters have some of the best hustle on the planet - with some crazy fees too!, (this SEOer thinks he needs to get into recruitment sometime in the future!!). a BIG Thanks to Dan @ BD Recruitment for the pizza, and of course getting us some excellent programmers.

Over and out, it's pizza time!

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