Keswick Beer Festival Trip 2009

For the team here at Interactive Resorts, group trips away are an absolute highlight in the calendar and few are as eagerly anticipated as our annual pilgrimage up to the Lake District for the Keswick Beer Festival. Working hard all day discussing ski resorts, deals, discounts and altitudes is all well and good, but there’s a time and a place for letting your hair down and for us, it’s Keswick. With this in mind we all clambered into the coach early on Friday 5th June and span along the motorway, bound for the North. Keswick’s a beautiful Cumbrian town with a truly superb atmosphere – the perfect place for us to kick back and relax. Friday was spent exploring the town and choosing a few ale-houses to visit, eagerly awaiting the weekend’s planned activities. Interactive Resorts - Ghyll Scramble The company directors are an outdoorsy bunch, and first on our itinerary was ghyll scrambling. And so it was that we donned fleece-lined body suits and waterproof outer layers to jump over rocks and tree branches, down streams and through deep plunge-pools down our very own Cumbrian mountainside. Team bonding is somehow so much better when you’re soaking wet and laughing! Gabs The afternoon ticked round and we had beer on the brain! With the theme being AustrianEuroPartei, the fellows donned their Bavarian lederhosen and the fillies strapped into their corsets, and we hit the beer festival. Some of north England’s finest beers and ciders were arranged in barrels along the sides, though we took to the ciders as the weather was so sunny. Interactive Resorts After a heavy night of Austro-revelry, there was only one thing for it; a hill-climb to blow out the cobwebs. Keswick is surrounded on all sides by hills of all sizes, and after a short drive through the tall pines, the team’s hardcore elite found themselves at the foot of the ascent. An hour or so of heather stomping and rock scrambling later, we were looking down on some of England’s most stunning scenery, the Lake District falling away at our feet and the wind battering our jackets. Walk Monday morning came around, and a tired Interactive Resorts team clambered aboard the bus back to the City. True to form, we got back in time to get a couple of hours’ work in. Those enquiries don’t answer themselves!

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