The largest artificial ski slopes across the world


Artificial and man-made slopes are becoming increasingly popular across the world, offering the opportunity to ski throughout the year - unrestricted by the weather. In the UK, the longest dry ski slope is 400m at Midlothian in Edinburgh, with the longest artificial snow slope of 180m at Chill Factore in Manchester. 
Of course Europe has the Alps, but there are also some excellent artificial slopes - including a new project in Serbia - which will have the longest slope on the continent, along with amazing facilities in other countries including Germany and the Netherlands providing opportunities to ski not just in the winter. However, it is China who are the front runners with the indoor resorts….
Indoor ski slopes offer ski-based adventure all year round

Indoor ski slopes offer ski-based adventure all year round

The largest indoor resort in the world 

China is currently home to the world’s largest resort, the Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort. Opened in 2017, it covers roughly 80,000 square metres, with a total of six different runs for all abilities and accommodating 3,000 people at a time. The resort is part of the Harbin Wanda City project which also has a shopping centre, cinema, outdoor theme park, ice hockey rink, hotels and live theatre venue. The mini city cost 40 billion yuan (£4.56 billion) and took four years to build. 
However the Harbin Wanda resort will soon lose its title, as in early 2019 plans for Wintastar Shangai were announced. The brand new resort will become the largest in the world, spanning an impressive 227,000 square metres, with the slope itself covering 90,000 square metres. The project will be run by Majid Al Futtaim - the company behind Ski Dubai, Sky Egypt, the first indoor slope in Africa, as well as Ski Saudi and Snow Oman, which are still in development. 

America’s new indoor slope on a landfill site

It is not only China that has big projects planned. Most recently, it has been announced that a massive indoor ski slope has been proposed in America by Virginia based company Alpine-X. The project proposed is Fairfax Peak, a 450,000-square-foot snow-sports centre with plans for a 280-foot indoor slope serviced by an indoor gondola. 
The project is to be built on the county’s interstate 95 landfill in Lorton. The landfill currently recycles and disposes of materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard and steel cans, as well as electronics and household hazardous waste. The landfill is currently in the process of closing down which could take approximately 2 years, and if the proposal is accepted, Alpine-X predict that the first stage of construction will be completed by 2022. If approved, the ski slope will become the longest in North-America and one of the longest in the world and may also include multiple competition-ready slopes, snow park, and a nursery slope as well as restaurants, bars and a hotel. 
In recent years, we are seeing more and more indoor ski resorts being developed, and with climate uncertainty hitting the front pages across the world, could more countries turn to indoor slopes to secure their snow fix?

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