Leprechaun's in St Anton!

I originally organised the trip with my mum to go to the Chalet Katharina, however what you will find with St Anton is that you find yourself making more friends as the week goes on. This might explain why, on the 2nd day, my sister (Jenni) and her boyfriend (Jim,) my mum (Anne) and I were kitted out in Leprechaun outfits dancing on the tables in the Mooserwirt with a 20+ strong group of Irish. Andy skiing in St AntonA few years ago I worked a season in St Anton. Recently my sister Jenni and her boyfriend Jim decided to travel to St Anton to do the same. They managed a 16 person chalet all season and though times were tough I am certain they left with fond memories of what I believe is the most exciting resort in Europe. We started off early on the first morning (as you do,) I collected Jenni and Jim to see if their skiing had improved. As I expected it had and we set off up the Galzig lift with the intention of covering as much ground as possible. The weather was glorious and the snow looked as inviting as it always had. Suddenly I felt a large smile appear on my face, I was back and this week was going to be fun. My first day was one of the best, we managed to get fresh tracks in certain areas and didn’t see a cloud all day. We covered Stuben, St Christoph and Rendl, the skiing honestly got better as the day went on and the more we skied the more fresh snow we discovered. That’s the great thing about St Anton - you can practically ski everywhere (on piste and off piste) if you know where you are going. At 15:00 cow bells were ringing, it was Mooserwirt time! We cruised down the Rendl home run, obviously still trying to match each others’ pace and skill. As we whistled down I could feel my eyes weeping from the cool fresh air and all I could think about was that I was still in awe of St Anton. What a great ski area, what a town and the best was yet to come!!! As we came closer to the Mooserwirt, my heart started to race, the music became louder and louder with every turn. Suddenly… the penultimate turn, there it was… the après ski palace, the theatre of Austrian pop…the Mooserwirt! “Drei beers mit drei Jagermeister bitte!” The music was pumping and the crowd were clearly enjoying themselves, there were dancers on the tables, skiers in super hero costumes and some impressive Leiderhousin suits, all in sync to the sound of the Eisbaren song…. “Hey ven ze Eaisbaren say… Whoe Whoe Whoe Whoe Whoe!” It wasn’t long before we too were dancing on the tables with our hands up as far as we could reach, pumping to the beat of some of the most unique music that Europe has ever produced. I remember thinking to myself that maybe if we in England followed this genre of music more, we might stand a chance of doing better in the Eurovision song contest. But one thing I have learnt in working seasons is that some things are best left for holidays! The Leprechaun's enjoying apres ski in St AntonAs we attempted to ski down from the Mooserwirt to the Galzig lift it had clearly become darker and less safe than before, however with many Mooserwirt compatriots skiing down with you, you feel a strong sense of belonging and an overwhelming sense of security which leads you to believe that everything is going to be alright… Surely I can’t be as drunk as those people over there I remember thinking, oddly enough in all my times skiing that run, the drunkest people are never the English…sometimes maybe the Irish but never the English! This could be a typical day in St Anton if you choose, this review may also lead you to believe that the only reason people go to St Anton is for the après ski. Okay this is one of the main reasons, however if you are a keen skier I strongly suggest getting a guide, if you are looking to challenge yourself the possibilities are endless. With a guide you will find some of the toughest ski routes and some of the best off-piste areas in Europe… However if you ask me nicely I may tell you where.

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