Mobile Roaming in Europe

EU roaming rules have now made the cost of making and receiving calls when abroad in the EU 73% cheaper than in 2005.  But before you set off for your ski holiday, remember that phoning, texting and surfing the web can still be a costly business! On average Brits return from their ski holiday with a bill of about £150 and most don’t even check the roaming charges before they go. Yes, the social networks save stamps and sending postcards, but accessing roaming on your phone increases costs so much more so.

If you are on Vodafone for example just text ‘FROM’ followed by the name of the country you are going to, to 4636 and you shall receive a txt with everything you need to know. We are off to Verbier in a few weeks so I have just found out that calls to the UK from Verbier are 36.6p per minute whilst receiving calls are 11.5p per minute and to text is 11p per message.  French resorts incur exactly the same prices. Why not turn off your data? This will prevent emails downloading automatically etc and help save costs. Also your chalet/hotel might have wi-fi;  Chalet Le Yeti in Val d’Isere for example as well as Chalet Isba in Meribel do.

Photo by Simon Howden

This is likely to be free of charge or certainly much cheaper than your network’s roaming charges. Pictures and attachments can really eat into your spending money too with 1MB costing a few pounds each.  Just upload your photos onto facebook when you get home and save the pennies for the beers on the mountain!

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