Reaching St Anton by Air for Outdoor Adventure in the Alps


Getting to St. Anton from the UK is a relatively quick and simple affair. While Innsbruck is the nearest airport, Zurich and Munich are also popular gateways to the iconic Arlberg resort. Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany offers another close connection, whereas Salzburg is the longest and most involved option that perhaps should only be considered if a good deal presents itself... or if you have an unusually high level of patience!

Getting to St Anton from Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is undoubtedly the most popular airport for St. Anton. Whether you hire a car or arrange a transfer, it’s a nice and easy 1 hour 15 minute drive along the Inn Valley motorway before turning off for St Anton.

Alternatively, you can opt for the public transport option by hopping on a bus from the airport to Innsbruck train station and buying a train ticket direct to St. Anton am Arlberg station.

Getting to St Anton from Zurich Airport

Despite it being further than Innsbruck, Zurich Airport is a popular option for getting to St. Anton due to its huge choice of daily flight times and easy transfers by both road and rail. Local bus operator, Arlberg Express, runs a bus service between Zurich Airport and St. Anton on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during peak season.

Getting to St. Anton from Zurich Airport by train is relatively simple, but it does add an hour or more to your journey as you need to get from the airport to Zurich’s main train station. Once there, take the Inter City Express direct to St. Anton. Alternatively check out the high speed train service offered by OBB RailJet between Zurich and St. Anton.

If you’re hiring a car from Zurich, join the Austrian motorway via Feldkirch and continue up towards the Arlberg pass. In bad weather, taking the Arlberg Road Tunnel is highly recommended.

Getting to St Anton from Friedrichshafen Airport

With frequent flights and just over an hour and a half’s driving time to St. Anton, Friedrichshafen Airport has become a popular option for those heading to the lively resort. The road from the airport runs alongside Lake Constance before joining the Austrian motorway at Bregenz. It’s then a case of following the same route as from Zurich Airport above.

It’s easy to get a train from Friedrichshafen Airport into St. Anton am Arlberg train station via a few connections, and if you’re not hiring a car this is a good and cost effective alternative.

Getting to St Anton from Munich Airport

Getting to St. Anton from Munich Airport is quite the drive. Clocking in at around 3 hours, your best bet is to follow the motorway south to Kufstein and join the Inn Valley to Innsbruck. Then simply follow the route from Innsbruck.

Getting the train from Munich Airport to St. Anton is relatively simple but it will eat into some of your skiing and snowboarding time. You’ll need to make at least 2 connections and the journey will take around 4 hours in total.

Getting to St Anton from Salzburg Airport

It’s fair to say that Salzburg Airport is the least convenient gateway for those getting to St. Anton by car. The main route heads through Germany to Kufstein on the Austrian border, before joining the Inn Valley motorway as per the Munich route above. A train also runs from Salzburg Airport to St. Anton. The journey takes 3 and a half to 4 hours via one or two connections.

St. Anton’s huge popularity as a lively and accessible ski resort means that plenty of options for getting there have become available. With cheap and frequent daily flights into all the nearest airports, most skiers and snowboarders tend to go where the best deals are, but it’s also worth thinking about the time (and money) you’re willing to spend on getting to St. Anton after you touch down.

If you’re keen to make St Anton your next ski holiday destination of choice, and you’d like a little more information on the accommodation and transportation options open to you, we’re here and ready to help. You can reach our helpful team on 020 3080 0200 or find us through our online chat service.



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