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If you’re part of the Travellers and Bloggers community, you’ve probably heard about the new travel website from the entrepreneur Simon Nixon. In one of their recent blog posts, Interactive Resorts has been recommended as a great site to visit when trying to find your perfect skiing holiday.

In June 2009, Simon launched this new site which aims to give an opportunity to everyone interested in writing holiday reviews about their trips, a chance to make money from it. You can read a variety of reviews ranging from cheap hotels in Paris to the best hotels in London and a lot more besides. <--break- />

The guides are written by a range of travellers, journalists and celebrities. So now you can have a look at where Tara Palmer Tomkinson recommends drinking when she’s skiing in Klosters. They’ve also got a range of guides on winter sports for you to have a look at if you need some inspiration for your next trip.

One of the most popular Ski guides was written by the travel professional Tim Scrafton called My Top 10 European après-ski resorts. He lists his top 10 destinations and also includes the details of the 5 best bars at each resort. A very useful guide if you’re planning to visit a new resort on your next ski trip. Tim is a keen Skier and this comes across in his guide.

It’s is very informative and easy to read.

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