Spring Powder in Verbier

Our Morzine Chalets specialist, Chris Callaghan waxes lyrical on Verbier ski resort, having just returned from his first taste of boarding outside of France. Verbier, Switzerland Everyone’s got their own idea of the perfect day on the hill. Bright blue sky and hot sun? Temperatures below zero, base layers on and feet of fresh powder? My week in Verbier this season saw both, and was easily the best week’s boarding I’ve had in 3 full seasons. Chris in Verbier, SwitzerlandI’d never ridden outside France and was keen to experience the mountains in Switzerland. From reputation, Verbier ticked all the boxes for the kind of resort and ski area I was looking for, and I wasn’t disappointed. Charm, character, nightlife and off piste; that’s what I want in a ski resort and I found it in Verbier. The ski area is easily large enough to fill a week and for someone spoiled by the 3 Valleys for 2 seasons, Verbier and the 4 Valleys held up fairly well in comparison. The first two days saw us flatlining blue and red runs in bright sunshine, but it wasn’t due to last. The snow began falling overnight and we woke up on day 3 with a foot of fresh snow in resort centre. Visibility wasn’t what it could have been on the hill, with blankets of fog envelopping sections of the valley. Breuzon was the best place to hit; separated from the main ski area, lower down and fully tree lined, it was basically empty. 3 days of kicker-building, open powder runs and tree-lined forest ensued, and I don’t remember ever having it so good. Carving so steeply that snow flew up in our faces, and powder so deep you could literally bounce out of every turn, superb! It didn’t take long for the sun to win out, and we spent the last couple of days as we had the first, chipping down the pistes and making the most of the immense ski area. It can’t all be good though, and I have 2 problems with Verbier. It’s ridiculously expensive (though where isn’t at the moment?), and the ski lifts need to be updated. There are too many drag lifts and not enough different paths back to Verbier if you head away for a full day’s touring. All in all, well worth a week. For more info, check Verbier Ski Resort page or view the full list of Verbier Ski Holidays

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