Why Choose a Hotel Over a Chalet?

We asked our ski hotel specialist Andy to give us his opinion on why you should consider staying in a hotel on your ski trip. Choosing a ski holiday can prove to be a tricky task for many reasons, one of which is that if starting from scratch, there are so many resorts and properties to choose from. There are also many factors to decide upon as well, like how close you need to be to the slopes, and whether you need a sauna or not. These then have to be rated in order of importance as properties tend to differ so much.

This is my guide to why booking a hotel can make the whole process easier.


Booking a hotel instead of a chalet can actually make finding a ski holiday a much simpler task for various reasons. Firstly, most hotels can be found in the centre of town, or very close to it. Val D’Isere for example, is awash with hotels in its centre, with much of the resort set around them. By being in the heart of the centre, hotels can charge more to clients for their locations, as you would expect. However, this extra charge isn’t as much as you’d expect, and certainly isn’t as significant as what a chalet would charge for a prime location. In fact, in many resorts the best chalets are located away from the town centre to save on cost, while the hotels usually have enough beds to support the rent they need to pay to be in the best spot in town.


Resort spa centres like the wellness centre in St Anton cost money, as like every other business in the resort, they must pay their own way. In a hotel however, the spa facilities are included in the price you’ll pay when you book. So, if you enjoy a day off the mountain during your holiday, relaxing and unwinding, then a hotel has to be considered. In addition, many hotels will offer spa treatments for a fraction of the price you’ll pay locally. Furthermore, when you’re done you can just breeze back up to your bedroom in your towelling robe, in true holiday style.


Hotels in resort are run professionally by local business owners, and in many cases, local families. Such investment and interest will practically guarantee the quality of service you’d hope to receive on your one winter holiday of the year. This isn’t to suggest that you wouldn’t receive a similar service in a chalet; there are certainly a few chalet companies out there who pride themselves on their luxury service. It’s just to say that your custom to a hotel would be more cherished than it would be with seasonal chalet staff...it is their livelihood after all. 


The same can be said of the catering service you receive. Not only because it’s a family run/professional local business, but also because the sheer size of the property requires the standard of food to be good and there to be a well run, fully staffed kitchen at all times during the day. Furthermore the majority of hotels will actually provide a choice on all menus which are served, in either ‘a la carte’ format or buffet. On top of all this the meal times are also negotiable and the amount of meals you need during the week can also be discussed and priced up on arrival. Therefore you’ll find that not only is the catering service better quality, but also much more flexible.

Room Choice 

While I touch on the unique packages which hotels offer, it’s only right to delve into the variety of rooms which are available when booking hotels too. With a chalet, it’s plain, simple and slightly boring... either ensuite or not, there isn’t much else on offer. With a hotel there are many various options available, ranging from ensuite rooms to junior suites and even luxury apartments. We have direct contracts with hotels with studio apartments too, so you are guaranteed to get the best rates on them too. It’s also important to mention that in many cases children are cheaper in suite rooms as well.


On the subject of children, it’s not uncommon to find a crèche or a childcare facility in a large hotel either. In fact many hotels have their own childcare departments full of nannies, trained and ready at your disposal, thus allowing you to keep your children safe and looked after while you enjoy the rest of your holiday. Again, prices aren’t too dramatic and you may be able to receive preferential rates as you’re actually staying in the hotel.

Less Intimate than Chalets 

Staying in a chalet may prove to be less relaxing then you actually expect. Chalets are very small in theory and have very little lounge space or peaceful public areas where you can relax and unwind without any interruptions. A hotel on the other hand, although very large and at times intimidating, can actually be one of the quietest places in a ski resort. During the day hotel staff will be off doing their jobs and the rest of the guests will be out skiing and even if they aren’t, there are so many public areas that you’ll be sure to find one with no one in. The service is also less intense in a hotel. When you need it, it will be there in abundance, but when you don’t, staff can see this and will leave you be. In most hotels, staff are in fact, actively encouraged to leave clients in peace.


These days there are a multitude of chalet companies springing up every

season, and by booking with them you may find yourself stuck with London Gatwick flights, or even with no flights at all. By booking a hotel, it’s an entirely different ball game, as 95% of the hotels we sell are available with regional flights, such as Leeds-Bradford, Exeter, Glasgow and even Jersey from time to time. The transfers are even taken care of as well; all you have to do is book early.

Flexibility of Stay 

And finally the last major reason to stay in a hotel over a chalet is that a hotel will offer you a stay which fits into your plans more easily. For instance, if you can’t travel from Saturday to Saturday due to work or social commitments, then there are hotels available which will offer you an alternative 7 night duration instead. And even if this doesn’t work out for you then a hotel can offer you a shorter break for however many nights you need. This isn’t always the case but it’s certainly worth looking into if you can’t find a holiday that fits. If Andy's words have made you want to consider a hotel for your winter holiday, why not give him a call on 020 3080 0249 or check out our ski hotel website. www.interactiveskihotels.com

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