When it comes to ski wear, the onesie is truly iconic – from the day-glo days of the 1980s to the retro fashions of today. This month you can win one of the most hi-tech, fashionable women’s ski suits on the market in our latest competition, courtesy of Huski.


Some say the onesie was invented by Winston Churchill, others trace its beginnings to 19th-century New York. Whatever its exact origin, the all-in-one suit has become a ski season classic – with styles ranging from the purely practical to the downright glamorous!


Now trendy mountain label Huski have created a new breed of all-in-one ski suits, offering comfort, great looks and peak performance. Better yet, you could win one of their best-selling women’s Huskis by entering our latest competition here.


Made from soft, highly waterproof and breathable fabric, a Huski ski suit will keep you snug at temperatures as low as -25C. Plus it features all sorts of bells and whistles, from hidden pockets and vents to built-in RECCO® technology and a literal whistle (specially made for sub-zero conditions).


The Huski suits hit the scene after years of development and mountain testing. The aim was to make ski wear for men and women that performed exactly the way they wanted without sacrificing chic good looks – and they’ve really hit the mark.


To check out the full Huski line, click here. And if all this talk of ski gear has you craving a trip to the slopes, take a look at our latest ski deals here.

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