Working for Interactive Resorts; an Insider's Guide.

If you ask anybody who works on the sales floor at Interactive, “What’s the best thing about working there?” there’s one answer that you’ll hear again and again. The people. Because we have pretty much all worked Winter ski seasons and we’ve been skiing or boarding for a good few years now, everybody shares common interests, memories and values. 

What to do if you lose your passport.


Après ski and nightlife is the other great part of a skiing holiday. Sometimes you can get carried away, especially in Ischgl. I was one of those people. Often getting carried away involves people losing things. I was, also, one of those people.  This is my story of how I lost my passport and how to deal with it. I awoke the morning after, in the wrong room. This was a combination of not having my room key and being put there by someone “less carried away” than myself. 

Lift Upgrades in the Espace Killy

Val d’Isere Val d’Isere is one of the best known ski resorts in the world and is part if the Espace Killy area that includes Tignes .The area has seen considerable investment in the lift system over the last few years such as the Face Olympique de Bellevard . Val d’Isere has also poured money into projects such as the amazing leisure centre and swimming pool, which anyone with a two day plus lift pass, can swim in for free. This year they are upgrading the lifts in the Grand Prix area.

Verbier adds a new lift for the 2012/13 season

Next winter will see a new lift in the Verbier ski area. The lift operators will be installing a cable car from La Châble to the village of Brunson, which has its own ski area. You can currently access Brunson by bus, but very few people choose to do this.  We asked our Verbier expert, Alex, for his thoughts on this development and the opening up of the Bruson area. “Bruson is pretty niche, it is north facing and has great powder, usually only locals or those in the know go there. 

More choice when booking a winter flight.

The low fare airline, Monarch, has announced that it will be offering flights to some of the most popular ski destinations this winter. This is great news as it will give ski tourists more choice of airport and a bigger chance to snap up a bargain flight. Monarch will be flying to Grenoble, Friedrichshafen and Munich from December until Easter, specifically for the winter sport trade. This is in addition to its current offering of Innsbruck. From these airports you can access most of the popular eastern Alps resorts as well as Switzerland and Austria.

The Ischgl Blog of Blogs

La Plagne Improvements

The resort of La Plagne is making some welcome improvements for 2012/13. The lift operators will be focusing their attention on the Plagne Centre area. They plan to replace the 4-man Becoin chair with a 6-seater chairlift which will result in the Biolley draglift being moved, but we are not sure where to. 

la plagne

Interactive Resorts Trip to Ischgl

Well, that was the season that was. It started, as usual these days, with a lot of writer-types in various publications mouthing off about the lack of snow (in mid-November) then, to our joy, the Alps raised two defiant fingers to the lot of them and dumped fresh powder all over the place. We here at Interactive Resorts had our noses hard to the grindstone throughout, and it was with a great sigh of relief that we put the phones down on the 15th of April and flew off to the Austrian resort of Ischgl for our annual End of Season Blowout.

A History of snowboarding in 2 minutes

Ever wondered what the history of snowboarding is but only have two minutes to spare? Then have a look at this history of snowboarding in 2 minutes.

End of season review 2011/12

 Way back in November UK news papers were awash with news of the poor snow conditions in the European Alps. Reports in the Daily Mail and the Sun managed to cause uproar within the ski community not just for peddling horror stories about potentially ruined holidays, but also for ill-informed journalism.


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