La Plagne Bar Crawl

If you are heading out to the La Plagne in the winter, then maybe our bar crawls guide will come in handy.

Based in 1800:

8.30pm – Start off in La Mine for a warm up beer consumed whilst perching on a mining cart and listening to some live music 9.00pm – Jump on the bus to Plagne Centre 9.10pm – Head to Igloo for an Affligem Blond and a boogie with the dancing polar bear 9.45pm – Stop off in Luna Bar for one of their special beers

10.30pm – Head along to Scotty’s Bar for shots or spirit + mixers.

Ski travel agent - Slang words

Like any job, working in ski chalet sales has its own little collection of slang, acronyms and job-specific phrases. To the untrained ear these could be a little confusing,so we’ve put together this list of some of the most common. So now next time you’re on the phone to us booking your ski holiday, you’ll know what we mean!

Horace Goes Skiing

There has been a lot of love shown for Horace Goes Skiing last week when we included it in our, 10 ski related thing that you don’t need to buy on eBay blog. We have rescued him from the eBay sale for you to play with. Just click on the start button. AIM: Get Horace across the road to get a pair of skis and back again. Then you take Horace to the mountains for a spot of slalom on his skis. Please tell us your best score.

10 ski related thing that you don't need to buy on eBay

Obviously we recommend that you do not buy used helmets or boots from eBay, but that is up to you. Here are 10 ski related items you really don't need to purchase from eBay.  Except maybe the last one.  If you do, can we come and play on it? We would love your comments on these items.

 Ski things on ebay

Courchevel invests €118 million

Great news for frequent skiers in the Three Valleys, Courchevel are planning a €118 million spending spree on the ski area over the next 7 years. The town council have promised to improve runs and lifts in all of the Courchevel areas. This Does not include La Tania but does include 1850, 1650, 1550, Le Praz and Pralong.

Courchevel ski map

How to become a ski instructor: Live and work in the Mountains!

What better way to spend your time than working as a ski instructor, and going to the mountains every day for work? There simply is no better lifestyle to choose, but before you dive head first into the ski industry you need to work out how you are going to qualify, and who is going to help you on this awesome journey! There are a huge amount of options and opportunity out there and it’s not always that clear which is the right solution for you.


Since the early days, us Brits have been playing childish games, ring a ring a roses, kiss chase, hop scotch, and what makes these games so popular is that, they are easy. You don’t have to have a specific build to play these games, it is not a game born on athleticism, it is simply, a game to have fun, and is that not what games are about?

Working for Interactive Resorts; an Insider's Guide.

If you ask anybody who works on the sales floor at Interactive, “What’s the best thing about working there?” there’s one answer that you’ll hear again and again. The people. Because we have pretty much all worked Winter ski seasons and we’ve been skiing or boarding for a good few years now, everybody shares common interests, memories and values. 

What to do if you lose your passport.


Après ski and nightlife is the other great part of a skiing holiday. Sometimes you can get carried away, especially in Ischgl. I was one of those people. Often getting carried away involves people losing things. I was, also, one of those people.  This is my story of how I lost my passport and how to deal with it. I awoke the morning after, in the wrong room. This was a combination of not having my room key and being put there by someone “less carried away” than myself. 

Lift Upgrades in the Espace Killy

Val d’Isere Val d’Isere is one of the best known ski resorts in the world and is part if the Espace Killy area that includes Tignes .The area has seen considerable investment in the lift system over the last few years such as the Face Olympique de Bellevard . Val d’Isere has also poured money into projects such as the amazing leisure centre and swimming pool, which anyone with a two day plus lift pass, can swim in for free. This year they are upgrading the lifts in the Grand Prix area.

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