Resorts in China


  • Known as “the Chinese Hawaii”, Sanya lies on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island. It has a tropical climate similar to that of the Caribbean and enjoys many of the same wonders. Visitors can play beach volleyball on white sand, lounge in the shade of palm trees and sail across turquoise waters. Sanya is also famous for the Nanshan Temple, which features a 108m-high statue of Bodhisattva Guanyin.

Dongao Island

  • Among the Zhuhai Islands on China’s southern coast, Dong’ao is widely considered to be the most beautiful. Visitors will find preserved beaches, semi-tropical forest and historic sites – including a beacon tower from the Ming Dynasty. It’s a fine place to experience the unique culture of this region alongside exciting activities like sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding.


  • Located in the south of China, Guilin and its unique, awe-inspiring landscapes have long been one of the country’s jewels. Here, rivers wind between rice fields and towering karst mountains, providing exciting possibilities for adventure and a stunning backdrop for relaxation.